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Buyers form opinions and make decisions before they ever interact with your sales team. How do you reach them and develop a relationship before sending them to sales? Our Lead Management solution helps you attract buyers and nurture them with personalized campaigns, so sales can step in when they are engaged and ready.

Call Center Solutions


SMDigital’s South American Call Center professionals provide an unmatched, local experience that puts prospective students at ease, as they communicate in their native tongue and get the immediate service they expect. Cater to the culture. Reduce your costs. Increase enrollments.

KPI’S and Reporting


We’re not just talking about Google Analytics. Having measurable data and KPI’s is the first step to refining your campaign’s focus. We let the data do the talking as you continue to build your brand, identify prospects and enroll students.  You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Branding and Localized Content


We craft content and foster interactions that are eye-catching, relevant and memorable. We build upon the idea that your brand should be “top of mind”, appeal to the local market, and smartly positioned as the institution of choice for your specific programs.

Targeted Prospect Generation


We have developed an innovative and methodical approach to identify, attract, nurture and convert interested prospects into specific program-seeking students. And, we introduce your institution uniquely by positioning your brand within targeted  Latin American markets.

SEM Management (PPC)


Pay-per-Click marketing is one of the most measurable, effective and widely used forms of advertising. Our team of experienced digital media experts will customize a program for your institution that identifies prospects interested in your specific programs.  

Social Media


Not just a good idea, today’s universities must have a social media presence as students and your professionals live in this medium today. Working with other complimentary channels, our team will leverage the right social channels to help engage and inform prospects accordingly.

Microsites & Landing Pages


Studies show most international students get lost in the vast pages of an institution’s main site. But microsites and landing pages prove very effective in generating interest and excitement around specific programs.  We customize the content to the local audience for a winning strategy.  

Multilingual Ads


Don’t throw away your marketing dollars or make prospective students cringe with automatic Google translates.  Present your message naturally and reach prospects at a local level with localized content in their native language. Some words can kill your message, and negatively affect your brand.

Full CRM Integration


Your marketing efforts are only as good as your ability to quickly follow up on your interested prospects. A full integration with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application is not only ideal; we wouldn’t launch your LatAm recruitment outreach without one.

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To find out how SMDigital can help you reach the fast growing Latin market, effectively, contact us at:

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The LatAm Market Is Strong - Does Your Institution Have a Presence?

Now’s the time to invest in this key market.  Let us show you how it’s done.

LatAm Students Studying in US

Including Mexico and the Caribbean, the top two countries were Brazil (13,089) and Venezuela (8,267) and Colombia (7,815)

Total Int'l Students in the US

According to the National Center on Education Statistics, this represents  a 3.4% increase from the prior 2015/16 period.

Paid with Family Funding

The primary source of funding for 2015/2016 was reportedly from personal/family funding followed by 16.7% corporate/employer funding.


The #1 School for Int'l Students

New York University hosted 17,326 students in 2016/2017, ahead of University of Southern California and Columbia University.

New Int'l Students

The number of new international students studying in the United States



A Popular Destination

The state of California hosted 156.879 international students in 2016/2017, making it more popular than New York and Texas

Our Partners

By elevating the needs of our partner schools we have come to be known for our emphasis on building long-lasting relationships.

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A Quick Case Study

NYU School of Engineering

18 Countries targeted for Latam student focus, multiple Ad formats for a visually-rich campaign, multi variable testing with 140 Landing Iterations and localized text and video content in native language.


from our happy partners

We have seen even higher increases in overall prospects from our target countries (Respectively, 85%, 92% and 86%) compared to the three years prior. All due to proper branding.
Elsa Evans - Senior Associate Director
University of San Francisco
SMDigital’s production team has been excellent to work with. They are fast, reliable and innovative. Their team took the time to understand our challenges and found creative ways to implement a solution. We are looking forward to seeing growth in our applications!
Emily Ziegler - Associate Director
University of Illinois
I was most impressed with SMDigital's landing page strategy. As the premier culinary school worldwide, SMDigital created a digital program that created more than 50 unique landing pages - appealing to the specifics of our student prospects. Before, we had one for each location. As a result, they were able to increase the number of inquiries by 65%
James Kennish
Le Cordon Bleu International
Thursday, August 31, 2017