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Call Center Solutions

SMDigital’s South American Call Center professionals provide an unmatched, local experience that puts prospective students at ease, as they communicate in their native tongue and get the immediate service they expect. Cater to the culture. Reduce your costs. Increase enrollments. Effectively.

KPI’S and Reporting

Some can report but, can they really offer insight from their progress? Having measurable data and KPI’s is the first step to refining your campaigns focus. We let the data talk and we let it be the foundation to build effective measurable campaigns.

Branding and Localized Content

We craft content and build interactions that are relevant and useful. We build upon the idea that your brand can be elevated and smartly positioned as a preferable on-topic source of information. Content is “king” in the era of Digital Awareness.

Education Lead Generation

We have developed a warm and organic methodology to attract, nurture and convert interested prospects into loyal students. We introduce your school effectively by positioning your brand into the educational LatAm landscape.

PPC Marketing

A student searches on Google for programs you happen to promote and sees search results with ads. One of those ads should be yours! Pay-per-Click marketing is one of the most measurable and widely used forms of advertising. Don’t get behind the 8 ball, we will launch and refine the campaign for you by managing your budget effectively.

Social Media

With so many young people exploring new digital outlets for exploration, information and self-promotion we want to connect your brand with audiences that have come to rely on Social Nodes for knowledge, instruction, and guidance over more traditional channels.

Microsite Development / Landing Pages

Landing pages and microsites are the heart and soul of your School and also the bread and butter for us marketers. Engage and generate leads but also understand your audience by capturing demographic information you can leverage.

Multilingual Ads

Don’t fall victim to the “Latino” jargon. Be consistent with your message and reach prospects at a local level with customized ads in the native language. Don’t make your marketing dollars go to waste thanks to weak translations. Certain words can kill your message, misused language can kill your brand.

Full CRM Integration

Your marketing efforts are only as good as your ability to follow up on your well-earned leads. A full integration with your Customer Relationship Management application is not only ideal. We wouldn’t launch your LatAm recruitment outreach without one.






1 Custom Landing Page 5 Page Custom Microsite
3 Visual Display Ads 6 Visual Display Ads
5 Localized Text Ads 10 Localized Text Ads
Mobile Friendly Experience Mobile Friendly Experience
Automated E-mail Responser Automated E-mail Responser
Custom CRM Integration Custom CRM Integration
Monthly Metrics Reports Monthly Metrics Reports
Call Center Outreach Call Center Outreach
Social Media Management Social Media Management
Active Newsletter Active Newsletter
PRICE Monthly PRICE Monthly

LATAM the Future!

The number of students from Latin America & the Caribbean in the U.S. increased by 7.8% in 2014/15 to 72,318 students.


International Enrollment in US universities grew 10% last year.


Of the 25 campuses with the most international students, a dozen have increased international enrollment more than 40 percent in just five years.


Public universities hit hard by state funding cuts "really are starting to realize the tuition from international students makes it possible for them to continue offering scholarships and financial aid to domestic students.


In 2015 Nationally, there were 974,926 foreign students on U.S. campuses.


Only on 2014 US received 121,914 international students.


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