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The Latin American market continues to present a great opportunity to identify, attract and engage students looking for programs like yours.  Do you have a strategy in place to capture their attention?

Call Center Solutions

SMDigital’s South American
Call Center Professionals

Provide an unmatched, local experience that puts prospective students at ease as they communicate in their native tongue and get the immediate service they expect. Cater to the culture. Reduce your costs. Increase enrollments.

KPI’S and Reporting

You Can't Manage What You Don't Measure

It’s not only about Analytics.  Our highly skilled team provides you with regular updates and detailed reporting on how your campaign is performing in each of the markets, with every local campaign and most importantly, the behavior of the prospect when they land on your microsite. 

Branding and
Localized Content

Crafting content and building interactions - uniquely

Non-English speaking students are more likely to respond to marketing incentives from sites built in their native language. Your keywords, ads and site content will vary greatly depending on the native language and location and they come together to help shape the perception of your brand. Understanding the local market is the first step.

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Highly Targeted Prospect Generation

An organic methodology to attract students to your University

Finding the right students at the right time is an art and a science.  Our team of digital experts use a variety of channels – online and offline – to build your institution’s brand, attract prospects and create enrollments.

PPC Marketing

The fast track to qualified student inquiries

As you’re probably aware, pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is one of the most measurable and widely used forms of digital advertising. It’s immediate, robust and enables your institution to establish a voice in key markets while generating interested prospects.

Social Media

Transforming the way we communicate

Universities around the world are investing in social channels to present their curriculum, faculty and unique culture.  With increased competition from new online providers, a more sophisticated selection process, to be successful in today’s world, you must have an active social strategy to be relevant.

Microsite Development &
Landing Pages

A Student Recruitment Tactic Built for Success in New Markets

Students often get lost in the sea of deep content across the many different facets of a University’s main site.  And, it’s even more challenging for international students.  Let us show you how, and why, customized microsites and landing pages are a must for the Latin American market. 

Our Partners

Our partners are some of the most talented Universities and big in the world.

A Quick Case Study

NYU School of Engineering

Our executive manager is an outstanding professional in his field, competent in international market and investment issues, as well as property management.
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The LatAm Market Is Strong - Does Your Institution Have a Presence?

Now’s the time to invest in this key market.  Let us show you how it’s done.

LatAm Students Studying in US

Including Mexico and the Caribbean, the top two countries were Brazil (13,089) and Venezuela (8,267) and Colombia (7,815)

Total Int'l Students in the US

According to the National Center on Education Statistics, this represents  a 3.4% increase from the prior 2015/16 period.

Paid with Family Funding

The primary source of funding for 2015/2016 was reportedly from personal/family funding followed by 16.7% corporate/employer funding.


The #1 School for Int'l Students

New York University hosted 17,326 students in 2016/2017, ahead of University of Southern California and Columbia University.

New Int'l Students

The number of new international students studying in the United States



A Popular Destination

The state of California hosted 156.879 international students in 2016/2017, making it more popular than New York and Texas